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A weekend at Pichavaram

Pichavaram, an ideal picnic spot just a few hours drive away from Chennai, is a place not many people know... In fact it might be news to some of you that Pichavaram is the second largest mangrove forest in the WORLD. During the 2004 Tsunami, Pichavaram was detrimental in saving many lives as it reduced the force of the gushing water.

Its 240 kms from Chennai. Just keep driving on the ECR... past pondicherry and cuddalore.... 14 kms before Chidambaram take a left turn and the road leads to Pichavaram. There is a Boat ride available at 100 odd rupees which will take you deeper into the mangrove, into dark passages where the roots grow to such an extent that sunlight penetration will be less. Other than the boat ride and the interesting passages, nothing much to be expected from this place. If you manage to build a good rapport with the boatman, he might take you through any of the waterways that leads to the beach there... Word of caution, better carry an umbrella, since during the boat ride there is no option to escape the sun till you reach the thick mangrove areas. You wont find any worthy option to eat or drink so better carry your own food.

Note: For people who wish to extend further can take a dip at the cauvery (in Chidambaram)

I had been to that place a couple of years back, luckily for me, it was a cloudy day... so the trip turned out to be a good one. Below are some of the snaps. To view the full album, check out

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